Providing wrap around care to Primary age groups
Providing wrap around care to Primary age groups

Clubs At West Chiltington Community School

Breakfast Clubs -


This is run in the Think Tank on Monday to Friday 7:35am to 8:35am.

Our breakfast club is designed to offer a relaxing and calm time for children before the school day starts. It will include a healthy and nutritious breakfast of cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurts and drinks such as water or milk (please notify us of any particular allergy or nutrition requirements). The choice of a variety of fun activities and games will be on offer that gives the children a chance to make new friends and reinforce bonds with existing friends, with friendly staff members always on hand to help as needed. We will ensure the children are taken to their prospective classes at 8:35 at the close of the club session.

After School Clubs -

This will initially be located in the Think Tank with access to the hall, playground, field and woodland area when available. Clubs will be run Monday to Thursday at 3:00pm to 6:00pm and Friday 3:00pm- 5:00pm.  A poster sign will be sited at the front door next to the Think Tank showing you where to collect your child/ children.

We aim to cover a rich diversity of topics and themes and we’re committed to offering activities that are fun and interesting that the children will look forward to and that they will enjoy every day.

These activities will include…

•    Arts and crafts, including food technology

•    Small world/construction

•    Sports and team games

•    Dressing up and face painting

•    Food preparation

•    Hobbies and games

•    Dancing and performance

•    Indoor and outdoor activities

•    Music  (we are currently discussing options of special music events with a professional musician)


We will also offer a healthy snack to the children between 3:00pm and 4:00pm followed by a light tea at 5pm. This will range from sandwiches, mini pizzas, muffins and jacket potatoes. Just let us know when you reserve a place if you would like your child to have tea.


We will collect children from their classes if they are in Key Stage 1 (Green, Purple and Yellow) and Key Stage 2 children (Orange, Blue and Red) will make their way directly to the Think Tank. We will take a register at the start of the session and kindly request that parents sign out their child/children when collecting.




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